Manage Your Privacy with Mobile App Protection

I’m at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, an annual event that showcases the industry’s latest innovations. This year there’s a dazzling array of new gadgets being unveiled that are smarter and faster than ever before from Nokia’s 808 PureView with its unprecedented 41 megapixel camera to Samsung’s Galaxy Beam, which packs a built-in projector so you can share images, video or presentations up to 50″ wide.

Another theme here is near field communication (NFC), which has been bandied about for a while, however, it appears it will finally become useful in our daily lives. You’ll start seeing a lot more information around paying for items with your mobile soon. A number of retail outlets are upgrading their pay points to accommodate payment simply by tapping your phone on a hotspot. Beyond payments, NFC can be used for other useful things such as exchanging business cards or connecting to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with a simple tap of your mobile phone.

McAfee App AlertSurprisingly, although there’s been a lot of news and debate about privacy, it is not a focus here at MWC.  For example, do you know what types of personal and private information your apps are allowed to access?  On Android, you have to accept the permissions of an app before it’s installed on your phone, but at times, it can be difficult to discern what you’ve accepted unless you thoroughly read the terms. We think you should never be surprised about the info an app is accessing, which is why we announced our App Protection product last year and it is now integrated into our McAfee Mobile Security software solution. This feature does a few things to make sure your apps “ain’t misbehavin.” First, it takes an inventory of your installed apps and gives you a graphical depiction of its permissions. As you click on the full privacy report for each app, you’ll also see if that app is associated with any risky URLs. Finally, we will check the app against our app reputation database, which is a part of McAfee Global Threat Intelligence.


If you’re at MWC, and, even if you’re not, “Like” us on Facebook and enter our drawing to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a one year subscription of McAfee Mobile Security by clicking on the sweepstakes tab. If you are at MWC, come by the Intel booth in Hall 8 8B197 to get a gift and see McAfee Mobile Security. (Look for the McAfee reps in the bright red shirt).

Let us know what you like at MWC. Any cool stuff?

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McAfee Mobile Security Delivers at Mobile World Congress

In Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 27, 2012 McAfee unveils its series of technology advancements that deliver upon its vision of providing comprehensive mobile security and privacy protection for devices, data and apps. McAfee® Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM™) 10.0, available now, includes significant security updates for enterprise customers to enable ‘bring your own device’ practices in the enterprise. With EMM 10.0, IT professionals will have improved control to identify, secure, and assign policies to both employee- and business-owned smartphones and tablets.

The concern for IT professionals is “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) which has become widely adopted to refer to mobile workers bringing their own mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PDAs, into the workplace for use and connectivity. Today, many consumers expect to be able to use personal smartphones and mobile devices at work, which is an IT concern. Many corporations that allow employees to use their own mobile devices at work implement a “BYOD policy” to help IT better manage these devices and ensure network security.”

Expanded Data Security, Application Security and Ease of Administration

McAfee EMM software gives enterprises the ability to offer their employees mobile device choice, while delivering secure and easy access to mobile corporate applications. New features and functionality include:

  • Expanded Data Security: Email “Sandboxing” for iOS and an integrated Secure Container for Android, available by Q2
  • Enhanced Application Security: Application Blacklisting for Android and iOS allows the administrator to define a set of applications and block access.
  • Ease of Administration: Bulk provisioning for Android and iOS


Enhanced Protection for Consumers

McAfee® Mobile Security 2.0 for consumers, which offers an all-encompassing approach to mobile security and protects a user’s privacy when using smartphones and Android tablets. McAfee Mobile Security combines powerful anti-theft, antivirus, call and SMS filtering, web and app protection. It was also recently awarded with the LAPTOP Magazine Editors’ Choice award for best mobile security app.

McAfee can also be seen the week of Feb. 27 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain at the Intel stand in Hall 8 B197 and at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA at McAfee booth #1117 or Intel booth #1324. Be sure if you are attending Mobile World Congress to stop by for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab!





Robert Siciliano is an Online Security Evangelist to McAfee. See him discussing identity theft on YouTube. (Disclosures)

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Secure Your Mobile Device, Win Some Stuff

McAfee will be at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain from February 27th to March 1st and wants you to come visit them at the Intel booth (stand) in Hall 8 B197.  Come see McAfee and their mobile security solution and also check out the other fun events in Intel booth.

Users who visit the booth and show a McAfee staffer (you can find them in the red shirts) that they have “liked” the McAfee Facebook page will receive a free gift and they can also enter a drawing to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a 1-year subscription to McAfee Mobile Security after getting a special code from a McAfee staffer.

The winner of the drawing does not need to be present at the show to win and the winner will be notified on Monday, 5 March.

So come one, come all and see McAfee!





Robert Siciliano is an Online Security Evangelist to McAfee. See him discussing identity theft on YouTube. (Disclosures)

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How Criminals Capitalize On Our Digital Lives

Studies are beginning to show consistency in our digital behaviors. For example, almost 50% of us check Facebook or Twitter either immediately after waking or in the evening, after work or school. Criminals know this, and wait for these busy times to post tweets or status updates containing infected links.

When unsuspecting users accidentally click on those links, their PCs become infected and begin to do things like recording all of their keystrokes, or becoming a zombie that is part of a larger botnet. 30% of all spam is relayed by infected computers located in someone’s home or office, but controlled remotely by criminals.

And according to digital research firm comScore, close to 32.5 million Americans accessed banking information via mobile device at the end of the second quarter of 2011. During that time period, Android malware jumped by 76%.

Criminals know what we do online; mostly, we’re searching for photos and videos of celebrities. So they use those celebrities’ names as bait. In 2011, for example, a search for Heidi Klum had a one in ten chance of leading to a dangerous website.

We also play games online. How often does a kid get bored with the usual games and click over to some rogue site hosted on an overseas server? Many of these websites also contain explicit pornography. Studies show that 27% of teens have infected their home computers with malicious software designed to steal identities.

Is this your family’s digital life?

To stay protected I recommend you:

  • Use comprehensive, up-to-date security software on all your devices.
  • Use parental controls to protect kids online.
  • Use strong passwords for all devices and websites.
  • Use caution when clicking on links.
  • And increase your security intelligence, so that you are able to recognize scams before it’s too late.


Robert Siciliano is an Online Security Evangelist to McAfee. See him discussing identity theft on YouTube. (Disclosures)

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