We’re Going to Change the Way You Think About Mobile Security

Finally, I can go to Mobile World Congress (MWC) without having to sacrifice a visit to the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  It’s always an interesting experience to go to a technology conference and be the unpopular security guy.

What is certain is that this year we’re going to see a vast range of new hardware and software offerings, from trendy wearables to televisions  that record and transmit our every conversation.

We are also certain that the number of features in these new mobile devices is even longer than before, but there exists uncertainty whether these devices of tomorrow elicit the level of trust we need in the future. Without the level of trust we need it does raise the question of whether should even exist? Or should they even be launched to the market at all?

There can be no doubt that our reliance on mobile technology is now absolute. That tipping point passed some time ago (probably about the same time that the term “tipping point” became uncool). Whether we’re working, resting or even sleeping, there is an app, a device or a connected thing tracking us, nudging us or attempting to make our lives easier. Remembering a time when this wasn’t the case is actually getting quite hard.

The nagging issue here though is that the industry’s approach to security (and therefore consumers’ and businesses’ approach to security) just hasn’t caught up with this infinitely connected world.

At MWC 2015 we are planning to change this approach so that we’re reinstating a level of trust and enablement for technology and services that are used in everyday and business life. We have got some incredibly exciting news lined up that will show how some parts of the industry are already beginning to make that change. We think that this is just the tip of the iceberg though.

Our announcement of True Key™ by Intel Security back at CES is another demonstration that we have to think differently about the security challenges posed in a mobile world. Password-based security seems to present more headaches than it solves with so many of the high-profile breaches circumventing these basic measures. During MWC we’ll begin to reveal more details about True Key and how it is being used to change the way that we’ll secure mobile.


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