Pay what you want to learn how to hack systems for a living [DEALS]

Want a career in the exciting — and lucrative — field of network security? Achieve professional success with the Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle, offered to Android Community readers for a limited time. The White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle offers access to as many as eight courses that can teach students how to identify and repair flaws in network and web infrastructure through ethical hacking methods and other techniques. Each course is accessible to everyone regardless of their experience level and, once purchased, the content is available for life.

Perhaps the best part of this bundle is that you get to decide how much money you want to invest in it. Spend as much — or as little — as you want to gain lifetime access to the first two courses in the bundle that illustrate key Wi-Fi and Android security training. If you feel that these courses are only worth a few bucks, then that’s all you pay. It’s as easy as that.

If you choose to spend a bit more and “beat the average price”, however, you’ll get access to the entire eight-course bundle for that amount. These additional courses will teach you ethical hacking techniques, web security theory, and more. You’ll even be able to earn a coveted, industry recognized CISSP certification with the training available in this package.

Network security professionals are in demand and are paid well for their expertise. Get the training you need to be successful in this field with the Pay What You Want: White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle at Android Community Deals.

PinOut is PinBall from the future, now out on Android devices

Most people who have ever had an interest in games, whether analog or digital, have probably played an iteration of the game Pinball at one point in time. And now that mobile games have gone all advanced on us, we can expect a more futuristic looking version of the game. PinOut is a new game out on Android and it looks like a pretty psychedelic and Tron-like addictive game that you can make you fall in love with the game all over again.

If you’ve ever played any kind of Pinball, then the gameplay should be pretty easy to understand. The controls on the other hand, will need to be learned, but it’s also fairly easy. You only have two controls of course, left for the left flapper and right for the right flapper. Initially, you’re only given 60 seconds but you can gain more time as you go deeper into some of the levels. The object of the game is to go as far as you can in the endless pinball maze with your allotted time.

The graphics make you feel like you’re playing on the set of Tron, giving it a futuristic vibe with the lights and the movement and even the music. Your journey will take you into a “mysterious canyon of pulsating lights and throbbing retro wave beats.” There isn’t anything else to learn about it except just to master the flaps and the movement needed to take you as far as you can into the pinball machine.

You can download PinOut from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available, including a premium upgrade that will give you the ability to restart from the checkpoints.

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Agent A now available for Android in all its 60s retro glory

If you’ve been entertaining dreams of becoming a secret agent but probably never will be, then you will have to rely on games to live vicariously through the characters you play. Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is a new game that is finally available for Android devices, and not only do you get to play an agent out on a mission, but you get to do it in a 2D/3D environment set in the 60s with all its retro glory.

In the game, you are, surprise surprise, Agent A who has been tasked to bring in a rogue agent called Ruby La Rogue (of course!) who is “a known enemy spy and perilous predator” and who has been targeting agents from your agency as well. What you need to do is to follow her, infiltrate her base camp in some way, discover her plans, and finally bring her to justice. And you do all of them by solving various puzzles, some pretty easy (well, if you’re good at puzzles) and some pretty tricky.


Everything is set in the 60s and so it’s full of stylized retro futuristic settings, contraptions, hidden gizmos, gadgets, weapons, secret clues, etc. The art style is a mix of 2D (the characters) and 3D (the scenery) so the visuals and storylines are pretty interesting. You will be able to explore 15 rooms, 30 inventory based puzzles and 20 puzzle screens. You will need to make mental notes and observations as the game goes along in order to better solve the mystery.


You can download Agent A: A puzzle in disguise from the Google Play Store for $2.99. There are no more in-app purchases needed so you can just play to your heart’s content.

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Motorola to unveil new Moto M, Lenovo phone this November 8

After the Moto Z, Motorola is set to unveil the Moto M. It’s the more affordable variant from the Lenovo-owned company and we’re hoping it will be announced this coming November. An ad was spotted online, showing a new Motorola branded smartphone will be announced on the 8th of November. Material is in Chinese so we’re assuming the device will be shown off in and will be available in China first.

The November launch date is believable as we’ve been hearing about it since September as something new from Lenovo. The image above is a press invite to a press launch happening in Guangzhou. Rumor has it that two new phones will actually be introduced and not just the Moto M as there’s also the Lenovo P2. The Lenovo phone is the same one introduced at the IFA in Berlin last month.

The Moto M may not be readily available but we’re looking forward to hearing more information. If not the Moto M, we’re banking on the Lenovo P2. We’re not really sure if Lenovo will release the phones at the same time since they are both expected to be mid-range.

There’s also a possibility the Lenovo P2 and Moto M are one and the same because of some similarities in the specs. Honestly, at this point, we’re just glad that Lenovo-Motorola is getting busier each day so let’s just wait and see.

VIA: PCOnline

Some Nexus 6P owners reporting random shutdowns, battery issue

So there are now a number of Nexus 6P owners who have congregated over at Reddit to talk about problems they are having with their devices. The issue is reproducible – basically the device shuts down and the battery meter goes down to zero while doing other things, like taking pictures and other tasks.

This is not the first problem with Google’s 2015 flagship. First was of durability and the now infamous bend test, now we have issues with battery and the phone dying altogether. See the reproduced issue with the video below.

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As you can see, the user was taking some pictures when the screen went black, and the only way the phone could be revived was to plug in the charger. Once the battery meter starts moving, then it would be possible to bring the device back on.

Hopefully Google can take a look at this issue soon. Some users are saying that it is Android Nougat that brought about this issue, but until Google investigates and confirms, this will just be mere conjectures.

SOURCE: Reddit