5 Latest Apps and Updates to Download

Social media is no doubt very real and important these days. It’s not just a trend. You can say it’s already part of our everyday lives. Mention this term and people definitely know what you’re talking about. Social media isn’t only Facebook and Twitter or Instagram. There are more social networks available in all the virtual universe that we’re having a difficult time updating our accounts or actually checking our feeds.

Social media are more interactive because people are engaged in sharing information, education, information, career, or just about anything under the sun. Feeds differ depending on the person, one’s personality, types of friends, or pages being followed.

We can’t imagine life now without these virtual communities because admit it or not, it is in social media where we spend most of our time. For some people, it’s where they only “live”. We’re not saying social media runs our lives. It’s already part of our system. It is a huge part of our society now, at least, in the digital aspect.

Here are some top Android apps and updates we’ve tried recently that make social media networking more effective and efficient:

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is always on top of our minds when we talk about social media. It’s just one platform but it’s one of the most powerful today. It has made a young genius a multi-billionaire and we know there’s no stopping Zuckerberg anytime soon. The latest feature on Facebook is Marketplace. It’s not yet a standalone app but we’re guessing it will be soon just like Messenger and Pages Manager.

This Marketplace is a new destination that allows people to buy-and-sell their products. This is more for the business-minded people who use Facebook to market their stuff and services. Selling stuff online is very common these days and it’s actually easier on the social network. You only need your profile to start selling. You can go to the Marketplace on Facebook by clicking on the shop icon found at the bottom of the app.

To visit Marketplace, just tap on the shop icon at the bottom of the Facebook app and start exploring.

Download Facebook

TalkType app

TalkType is another virtual keyboard app that makes communication easier and faster. Use the app to “type” long posts and messages faster because it lets you “talk”. It’s more of a voice-controlled keyboard that takes advantage of speech recognition and voice-based computing. Think Google Now, Alexa, or Siri helping you type whatever you need to input.

This voice-centric app will be more useful for long conversations because you don’t have to type and depend on your low WPM (word per minute). The goal is to automate or digitize typing in the sense that you no longer have to actually type. It may feel like you’re being to lazy but this is one pretty useful keyboard.

Download TalkType

Yahoo Newsroom

Don’t say that Yahoo no longer matters. It still does. It may not be the top search engine today but the company has continuously evolved into a big web portal where people go to for their daily habits. Yahoo Newsroom is its latest app offering that helps create a more news-focused community. This is developed especially for those people who care about what’s going on in the world.

Download Yahoo Newsroom

BMW Connected App

This one may not exactly be “social media” but it gets you “connected”. There are numerous smart vehicle apps available today but this BMW Connected App which was recently made available for Android integrates with Alexa. Well, it’s not yet fully connected with Alexa but you can connect to your car now from your home through Alexa. You can’t ask it to drive for you yet or request that you start the engine but you can ask Alexa for your vehicle’s charging status. Of course, there’s already the assumption that you have an electric vehicle that’s highly computerized. It can be smarter with apps such as the BMW Connected App but right now, only a select few can use it.

Actually, we’re excited as to what kind of smart apps will be developed for the smart auto platform. We’re still in the early stages like the smart home game but we know it will someday reach the same level as the smartphone.

Download BMW Connected App

Newstab Reader

newstab-readerNewsTab Reader is a new app that allows you to easily browse items and articles you can read. It’s not your usual news reader that looks boring because of the images you see on the screen. They’re not meant to distract you but to just make the content pleasing to the eyes.

App can be integrated with reading and note-taking apps such as Evernote, OneNote, Readabeality, Instapaper, and Pocket. What the app does is to work as one-stop place where you can be updated in the social media, news, topics, and interests.

Download Newstab Reader