5 Russian Banks Hit By IoT DDoS Attack

State-owned Sperbank one of the financial institutions affected in one of the largest attacks Kaspersky Lab has seen aimed at Russian banks.

Five Russian banks — including the state-owned Sperbank — have been enduring distributed denial-of-service attacks for several days, according to the country’s bank regulator, reports the BBC.

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab told the BBC that attackers used a variety of Internet of Things devices like DVRs and webcams to launch the DDoSes. There were 24,000 hijacked devices located in 30 countries, but collectively devices in the USA, India, Taiwan and Israel accounted for half. 

The attacks began Tuesday and have continued intermittently since — although most only lasted about 60 minutes, the most persistent attack lasted nearly 12 hours, according to it was able to neutralize the threat without disrupting the regular operation of the site, but that this attack was, nevertheless, among the biggest DDoS attacks it had suffered; it has endured 68 this year already.

Read more at BBC.

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