Agatha Christie’s A.B.C Murders brought to life as a mobile game

If you’re a huge Agatha Christie fan, you’ve probably been craving for a new movie or TV show adaptation of any of her beloved works. Well, we don’t have anything like that on the horizon for now (except for that BBC mini-series And Then There Were None last year) but we do have a game for you. The A.B.C Murders is now available as a mobile game for your Android devices, letting you use your mental skills and wit to solve a string of murders.

Even if you’ve read the book of course, it still won’t spoil your enjoyment in trying to solve “a string of dark and mystifying murders” that have swept through England. You will be playing one of the most famous fictional detectives of all time, Hercule Poirot and you not only get to play him, but you also experience these things from his point of view. You will be needing all your detective skills as you come up with various strategies to identify and unmask the killer.


You will examine crime scenes and various evidences, character backgrounds and various clues all throughout the game. You will also be directly interrogating the suspects and witnesses and using a multiple choice question system to guide your conversation. The game also has various puzzles that you need to solve to unlock a secret room or collect an important piece of evidence, etc. Once you’ve collected all clues, then you reconstruct the crime and put together the story.


You can buy The A.B.C Murders from the Google Play Store for $6.99. It is a bit steep, but if you like mystery games and Agatha Christie, you’d probably not mind spending that much. There are also in-app purchases available but not necessary.

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