Allo updated with split-screen support, direct reply from notifications

Google Allo arrived with the Duo in the middle of the year as a new instant messaging and video chat apps. They are set on default on Android Nougat but despite the hype in launch, Google did not receive much applause mainly because there are too many IM platforms available in the market already.

Google Allo is just another instant messaging app but the search giant is determined to put it out there by bringing some important updates. The bump is not just a minor update but a full jump to a new number. If you don’t see the new version live on the Play Store yet, the APKMirror page is available.

The update delivers the split-screen support from Nougat. There’s also the quick-reply from notifications which is very convenient. Other enhancements include splash screen, direct voice recognition in assistant, support for toggling chats to monochrome, Direct share, GIF Support in keyboard, and app shortcuts for 7.1+.

For older devices that won’t be able to receive the chunky Nougat, you can try the Allo and see what the new Android version is all about. You can taste a bit of it within the app but it may be slightly slower.

Download Allo from the Google Play Store | APKMirror