Amazon hardware chief moves to Google to head new phone division

Some of you may not know Amazon’s VP of Product Engineering but David Foster has just been hired by Google. Nope, he’s not the musician and record producer that groomed some of your favorite celebrity singers. We’re talking about Foster who last worked with the top e-commerce site on the hardware engineering division, working on the Kindle and Kindle Fire lines.

Before going to Amazon, Foster worked with Apple, Gibson, and Microsoft. Recently, he was also part of the team working on the Fire TV and Echo. It shows that he has an extensive experience in hardware design, production, and management. No wonder Google, one of the top tech companies today, has tapped him to lead a division that will focus on the new smartphones. We’re assuming this is the Pixel line which will be headlined by the Pixel and Pixel duo, joining the Pixel C.

David Foster will be heading a hardware division in Google. Hopefully, his expertise will finally bring the Google-branded phones to greater heights compared to the Nexus. We have yet to officialy confirm the two Pixel devices but we’re hours away from the official launch.

Google welcomes David Foster as part of the hardware division. He will be reporting to Rick Osterloh, the new Hardware SVP, who also used to be President and COO of Motorola Mobility.

VIA: The Verge