Amazon Music Unlimited now available in the UK

Amazon isn’t slowing down these days. Yup, the top e-commerce company is always busy announcing new products, services, and integrations. Alexa is a current superstar in the smart home game and we believe it will only expand to more gadgets. It’s not only the Echo that is taking advantage of the voice assistant. Alexa is also found on smartphones via Lexa and on other devices like the Pebble Core, Triby, Fire TV, and August Home door lock among others.

There’s also the Nucleus Anywhere intercom, Fabriq speaker, and the Rise Carbon Fiber and Yumi robot from Omate. This time, Alexa will be utilized more frequently as the Amazon Music Unlimited comes to the United Kingdom with over 40 million songs and thousands of stations and playlists.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium service that is offered for £79 per year or £7.99 every month. The service is now available in the UK for Prime and even non-Prime customers but with a £9.99/month premium.

If you currently have an Echo subscription plan, you only need to pay £3.99 every month for one Echo device which will give you full access to Amazon Music Unlimited. It can be accessed right on the recently updated Amazon Music app with Alexa voice controls. In the UK, Amazon will prioritize featuring those British musicians and artists but of course, other international artists are also presented.

Prime Members can take advantage of Amazon Music streaming without any extra fee. It’s best enjoyed on the Amazon Echo so if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get the device for your home or office.

SOURCE: Amazon