Amazon Prime Reading introduced, more e-books added to the library

Who still reads books nowadays? Many people still do although times have changed. There are those who still prefer traditional prints but some people are happy with their ebooks and e-readers. Amazon knows this that’s why it has the Kindle line of e-book readers and its database of e-books, comics, magazines, and short stories. There’s the Twitch Turbo but Amazon decided to turn it into Prime and just recently, the top e-commerce website introduced Prime Reading.

Prime Reading is a new feature that gives Prime members access to all kinds of e-materials in Amazon’s extensive library. No need to get a Kindle just to access those thousands of books because you can simply use the Kindle app on your Android phone. If you’re a bookworm, you’ll love this offer because most of the classics and bestsellers are available. Aside from books, top magazines like Sports Illustrated, Bon Appétit, Popular Mechanics, and National Geographic Traveler can also be accessed.

Prime Reading is different from Kindle Unlimited. It is limited to about a thousand books only but that’s fine because really, who has the time to read all of them? Anyway, Amazon will be rotating the titles in and out so if you’re on Prime Reading, check the library and see if that one book you want is available.

VIA: SlashGear