Android Pay partners with Visa and Mastercard for more mobile payments

Android Pay is continuing its efforts to make its mobile payment gateway more available not just in brick and mortar stores but even on web payments as well. They have announced a partnership with Visa and MasterCard so that you’ll be able to pay for your online purchases using just your Pay account. This means you’ll be able to use this in more than a hundred thousand sites that uses Visa Checkout and/or Masterpass.

Remembering usernames and passwords can sometimes be a pain, and as much as you’d want to keep things secure when it comes to things like payments, it’s sometimes a hassle to constantly change them. One of Android Pay’s claims is that you can keep details secure even as you connect your other accounts with it. You will also be able to choose your device authentication method, whether it’s password or fingerprint authentication, if your device has support for it. With just a few steps, you’ll be able to pay for your online purchases, as long as it supports either Visa Checkout or Masterpass.

MasterCard meanwhile has not only signed up for Android Pay, but for the competition as well. US-based MasterCard holders will also be able to use their Microsoft Wallet and Samsung Pay to make payments for their online purchases. They are now able to make “fast, simple, and secure digital payments” when they connect their Masterpass to their bank or payment solutions to speed up the online checkout process.

The Android Pay integration with Visa and MasterCard online systems will probably appear in the app sometime in early 2017. Meanwhile, if your bank is already connected to Google’s cardless payment system, you’ll be able to pay for your purchases offline with just your supported smartphone.

SOURCE: Google