version 4.0: calendar view, AI assistant, better syncing

The battle of the to-do lists and productivity apps continue, with the smaller ones continually trying to one-up the more popular ones. But the giants are also not complacent and are in fact introducing new features and improvements to their services. One of the more popular apps is and old users (and new converts) should brace themselves for a new major update, version 4.0, which brings the most-requested calendar view, a trendy AI assistant, and better and faster syncing to all platforms.

While the developers of the app already have a separate calendar app called, well, Cal, one of the most requested features for the app itself is to have a calendar view so you can see when all your tasks and lists are due or to see if you’re biting off more than you can chew on for specific days or weeks. You get daily, weekly, monthly views and this calendar will even sync with your already existing calendar app. It also has a scheduling feature called “One on One” where you can find mutually available schedules for a specific contact you’re trying to schedule an event or meeting with.


Since virtual voice assistants are the thing amongst a lot of devices and apps now, will not be left behind. It “combines Smart AI and clever humans” so it can help you accomplish things on your list. It will scan the items that you have on your lists and see what it can help you with, and make suggestions for you. It can mark things like holiday gift-giving, housecleaning, groceries, laundry, etc. It already has partner services that you can use to accomplish these tasks, with a fee of course (5-15% service fee for a product or service procured)


The update also brings faster sync for the items you add to it so it will be updated to all the devices you have. The bad news for Android users is that the update is not available yet for Android devices. We can of course expect it to be added later on, but no official news yet as to when that will be.