Asana introduces boards into its workflow

While to-do lists work for most people, there are collaborative tasks that a lot of people prefer to use old school sticky notes and white boards and such. But since we live in a digital age, there must be some way to translate that into something that you can use and see in various platforms. Productivity and collaborative service Asana is bringing just that, a new board system which probably takes inspiration from other similar apps and should appeal to the more visual users out there.

If you’ve come across Trello before where you can drag and drop various items to columns like To-Do, Doing, Finished, etc., then this should be familiar to you. But they took it one step further, making it prettier (if you don’t like Trello’s mostly dark interface) and incorporating into it Asana’s other great features like tagging people and linking them with other boards as well and other advanced project management functionalities and work tracking system.


Basically, what you do is create a board or project and have columns like “Ready to do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”. You can also create lists within the board like “blog ideas”, “guest posts”, etc and then track your progress for each item. You can use this system for design brainstorms, product roadmaps, KPI setting, etc. Some companies like Lyft, USAA Bank, Stance, have already started using this new system.


The initial version of Board lets you just see your project in this format, but eventually, they will be introducing a feature where you can switch to a list view and vice versa. Plus, they will be adding even more features to make boards even more appealing and intuitive. For now, check it out and make your first board.