AT&T users with insurance can now have their screens repaired

Are you too clumsy that you drop your smartphone often? Or are you often caught in rush hour commute where your device always gets crushed? If you’re an AT&T subscriber and chances are you will damage your smartphone or tablet’s screen in the next few months, you might want to avail of their new cracked screen repair service, available for all customers subscribed to any of the carrier’s insurance plans. You won’t have to go to your brand, but instead wait for the certified technician to go to you and fix your screen problems.

But don’t get too excited, as this new service from AT&T still has a lot of restrictions. First off, you need to be part of any of these programs to avail of the Cracked Screen Repair: Mobile Insurance, Mobile Protection Pack, Mobile Protection Pack for Business, or Multi-Device Protection Pack. You’ll also have to give them the $89 deductible and then only then will the certified technician go to you and repair your damaged screen. You’ll also get a 12-month warranty on the repair, so that seems like a pretty good deal right?

However, as of the moment, only three devices are included in the program, and that’s the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. They will probably be adding more devices soon, but for now, you better take care of your phone if you have something other than those 3.

There are only 15 cities that are part of the program as well, as far as this initial launch is concerned. There will be 29 more that will be added by December 1. Eventually, we hope they will have nationwide coverage. Cracked Screen Repair starts by November 15, 2016.

VIA: Android Police