Bandai Namco launches Digimon Heroes card battle game

Digimon fans were actually expecting another episode of Digimon Adventures to be released at this time, but what they get is a surprising move from developers Bandai Namco, launching this new match-3 card battle game for mobile devices. The game features a huge number of your favorite Digimons, all in a strategic game where you can build up your team to field the ultimate Digimons.


Digmon Heroes comes in the very trendy card battle game format, and you can match three cards of the same kind to issue commands to your Digimon in battle. You can also fuse and evolve the Digimons that join your team so that you get stronger versions of your pets for battles. You can also bring them up to their highest potential to unleash powerful limit breaks.

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Players can collect from over 1000 Digimons – from common to legendary – featured in the game. If you are from Japan, this game is just the international version of the Digimon Crusader game released by the developers in Japan a couple of years back.


The game is not available in some territories, but is now downloadable in the US. Pick the game up from the download link below. The game is free to play with IAPs.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store

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