Banner Saga 2 now available on Android devices

Sometimes, there are games that come along that everybody seems to love (well, those who play those kinds of games at least) and that everyone can’t wait to be available on mobile so you can play it whenever you want. Banner Saga is one of those games with its painstakingly drawn visuals and compelling storyline and gameplay. And now, the sequel to the original game is finally available for Android smartphones and tablets, for your visual and gaming pleasure.

Banner Saga 2 continues where the original game left off, still a role-playing game set in the Norse world with all the vikings, myths, and legends that come with it. If you’ve played the game before, you have the option of continuing your story as well, or you can start with a brand new one and “jump into the adventure from scratch”. The turn-based strategies have been improved of course, and you also get new faces and new races, including the Horseborn race.


One of the things that people love about the game is the hand-drawn visuals, which include 2D combat sequences, animation, and effects. It is proof that the creators of the game poured much love and attention in its creation, and it overflows into how players are fascinated with this world they’re temporarily, virtually living in. Even the soundtrack adds to the enjoyment of the game, with original music created by a Grammy-nominated composer.


Of course a game like this doesn’t come cheap, but reviews have shown it is well worth it. You can buy Banner Saga 2 from the Google Play Store for $4.99, and with a few in-app purchases available.

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