Batwing Boot Logo for Motorola devices is finally back

If you’re a fan of Motorola for the past few years, you’ve probably been slightly sad that they did away with the iconic Batwing logo for the past few devices, like the Moto G4 and Moto Z smartphones, replacing it with the simple moto word. But now it looks like they have brought it back, as a new video was posted on their social media accounts showing off their new boost animation includes the logo that we all know and apparently love.

Motorola posted the 9 second video on Instagram and YouTube, saying that the “all-new moto” is new and fresh and “full of all the things you love”. They also included the hashtags #hellomoto and #differentisbetter, confirming that their slogan, “Hello Moto” is here to stay. The batwing logo is pretty prominent in the video and boot animation, so we assume that it is back in the picture, so to speak.

Hello Moto has actually been around for more than a decade, and despite the acquisition by Lenovo, it has been retained and will apparently be remaining at least for the foreseeable future. The website is still using, although you are actually redirected to Instead of rebranding, Motorola’s strategy seems to be that of focusing on its legacy, stating it’s not going away anytime soon.

The Moto Z and its Moto Mod accessories have been making waves in the market for the past few weeks but we are also expecting the announcement of a Moto M device anytime now. Some photos have been leaked, so it will probably be soon and we can expect to see the new boot animation with this one as well.

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VIA: Tech Droider