Bethesda rolls out update 1.8 for Fallout Shelter, holiday cheer in tow

Bethesda is in no mood to stop the success it has with Fallout Shelter. Originally planned as a hype-building game for the launch of franchise game Fallout 4, the app itself is probably as successful as the main game itself – with probably wider reach because of the mobile platform. And this is why Bethesda continues to inject new content into the game, now rolling out an update which would bring festive themes for the upcoming holidays.

Update 1.8 for Fallout Shelter will bring holiday festivities to your vault. This will come initially in October, where Halloween-themed outfits will appear as Quest rewards. There will also be spooky room themes will become available for a limited time. The themes and costumes will cover Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays as well.


Speaking of room themes, you can now build a new room which is the Theme Workshop. This room enables you to craft room themes based on your Fallout 4 factions – the Minutemen, the Railroad, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Institute. You can find the recipes for these themes on quests.

And lastly, the update brings a batch of new quests for your Vault dwellers to accomplish – with one or two holiday-themed quests mixed in there for good festive measure. If you haven’t updated your game app yet, check the download link below.

SOURCE: Bethesda
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store