BMW Connected app now available for Android, integrates with Alexa

BMW is more known for being a German luxury car maker but not a lot of people know the company is one of the more “techie” ones. Of course, with the price you are paying for  the car, it must be really “smart”. Well, smart vehicles aren’t the standard yet but companies like Google and Apple have been trying to integrate their platforms into the dashboards at least.

There are plans for self-driving cars but that’s something we don’t want to try yet. Not all vehicles and car brands have embraced the idea of a smart-connected vehicle but BMW is certainly in this direction. Earlier this year, it announced the BMW Connected service. It made friends with iOS first. This time, it’s about to get chummy with Android and Amazon’s Alexa.

As you know by now, the Alexa is already being integrated in several products and services. Amazon has a winner in Alexa even if it’s relatively a new voice assistant. Actually, you won’t find Alexa inside your BMW Connected cards (maybe soon) but you’re allowed to connect with your car from inside the home. Alexa won’t start or rev-up your car but you can simply ask for the charging status of the vehicle. You can also lock the car just by telling Alexa in case you forgot.

BMW also released the BMW Connected app for Android finally. It’s no longer just the iPhone owners who can enjoy the BMW tech interface, Android device owners can also now use it. That is, if you drive a BMW in the United States.