BoomCloud 360 to show off BoomStick at the CES 2016

Aiming to deliver transformational sound on headphones, BoomCloud 360 is set to change the way the world hear. The startup will showcase a new product at the CES 2016 this month–the BoomStick. No, this isn’t a new selfie stick but an small and ultra-portable device that improves the audio coming from any pair of headphones. That old pair of yours that came free with the phone? You can improve the audio coming from it.

BoomStick is BoomCloud 360’s latest attempt to change sound listening, hoping to finally advance audio technology. The company’s co-founder George Appling noted that “TV has made huge strides in terms of quality, from black and white to 4k, audio has been going backward”. It’s about time that audio experience be enhanced as only a small percent of consumers, about four percent, are said to achieve great audio. There is no need to buy a new pair as the BoomStick will be enough to convert ordinary earphones.

While music and entertainment are becoming more easily accessible each day, there is one common downside which is low-res audio. It’s one way to make files smaller, thus, easier to stream or share. That’s a problem since impressive audio isn’t experienced.

Our friends over at SlashGear got to review this ultra-portable device and noted BoomCloud 360’s solution is to improve algorithms. Audio isn’t all about bitrates so the company is bringing a new catalog of algorithms that aims to improve almost all kinds of audio. The thumbdrive-sized system connects to any mobile device with a 3.5mm plug on one side and a port where the headphone jack goes.

BoomStick 2

The idea is for the audio to pass through the BoomStick first before it reaches your ears. It features a rechargeable battery so you can use it to enhance audio even when battery is low. You can easily turn on/off the device with the power switch toggle found on the side.

The algorithm part of the BoomStick can be controlled using that large circular button found on the top. When turned on, a ring surrounding the button lights up. Small LEDs on the side indicate battery and power status. To activate different modes, just press and hold the button.

Not many people may notice the difference but true blue audiophiles will. As the BoomCloud 360’s co-founder said, “consumers shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre audio”. It’s about time that those free earphones that come bundled with smartphones or tablets exceed what expensive headphones can do. recently offered the BoomStick up for pre-order. Device will be available beginning Spring. Price tag reads $99.

SOURCE: Boom 360

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