Browse the web safely and securely with a lifetime of VPNSecure [DEALS]

Protect yourself from the very real threat of data and identity theft with a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure, now just $39. Every time you access the internet, particularly when using Wi-Fi, cellular, or corporate data networks, you take certain risks. That’s because hackers and other cybercriminals use these types of connections to steal the data and identities of unsuspecting internet users. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can easily protect yourself with VPNSecure.

VPNSecure is kind of like a fallout shelter for internet users. It provides premium protection by encrypting all of your internet traffic so that no one — not even hackers — can access it. Best of all? It does all this without compromising the internet experience you already enjoy. In fact, you may find that your internet experience is better than before.

So, how can your internet possibly be better? In addition to encrypting your data, VPNSecure also hides your identity and physical location. When you mask this information, you can gain access to places on the internet that you might not otherwise have access to, such as streaming sites from other countries. That’s a pretty big plus.

With your lifetime subscription, you’ll enjoy worry-free internet with no bandwidth restrictions on as many as five devices at once. They keep no logs of your internet activities so your privacy can never be compromised, and they boast a network of servers in more than 46 countries around the globe so you’ll always get a great connection.

Stop taking risks with your data and identity. Protect them with a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure, over 90% off at Android Community Deals.