Build a business empire, tap your way to success in ‘Taps to Riches’

You can’t really become rich overnight but you can tap your heart out to achieve success. There’s no stopping all those tapping in ‘Taps to Riches’ because that’s the only way you will make money so you can expand your business and build more. In this simulation game, there are many things you can do to improve on your business value.

From rags to riches? Yes, that’s possible. May luck be on your side as you build your empire in not just one city but in several where your business continues to bloom. You can’t do things on your own but there are bizbots and advisors who can help you.

Tap, tap, tap! That’s what the advisers will tell you to do. This game will remind you a bit of Bitcoin Billionaire but instead of just being stuck in an office, you can do the tapping in different cities so you can build your empire.

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In Taps to Riches, you can reset your progress if you feel you’re not doing very well in the business. Those Bizbots are great resources where you can get more bonuses in each tap. Take advantage of them and try to collate all business bonuses. If you’re willing to spend some real cash, you can avail of those in-app items to quickly upgrade your businesses.

Download Taps to Riches from the Google Play Store