Canadian Google Pixel users report getting Nougat update with new gestures

Google may be busy with numerous products, services, and projects but it never fails to catch our attention with its many gimmicks and sometimes questionable strategies. It recently discontinued the Nexus line after many years and replaced it with the Pixel series. It’s basically the same but we have the impression that the Pixel brand is more premium. The phones were launched first in the United States but interestingly, a software update is being released this early in Canada. This information is according to some Pixel and Pixel XL users living in Canada.

The Canadian Pixel phone owners are said to be getting the software update specifically the NPF26J build. Release date noted is October 26 which is different from the September 1 release with build number NDE63V. Not much information is available but we can expect the usual bug fixes, security enhancements, new features, and new gestures specifically Lift-to-Wake and Double-Tap-to-Wake according to one user who received the update.

Note that the two gestures are enabled by default. As soon you finish the update, the new “Moves” will be enabled. Feel free to disable them if you don’t want the gesture controls.

After this particular update, we may also hear about the Android 7.1.1 Dev Preview 2 being released for the Pixel C, Android One, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 9. Let’s just wait and see.

VIA: XDA Developers, Reddit