Care by Google 24/7 support offered for Pixel, Pixel XL owners

Google cares. It definitely does. No need to question the statement because if it’s not true, then we wouldn’t have any of these new products and services recently unveiled. Google started as a search engine but it has grown into a global tech empire, venturing into almost all aspects of our lives. The company cares not in the sense that it always expresses sympathy but it wants to offer support for the consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After announcing the new Pixel, Pixel XL, Chromecast Ultra, Google Home, and Google WiFi, Google has introduced ‘Care for Google’. It’s a special feature on your smartphone that provides you access to a technical expert whenever you need help or customer service support.

Sure, a little Google Search can bring you information or tips you need but it’s easier and more convenient to go straight to a Google expect. Launch the Settings app on your Pixel or Pixel XL and click on the Support tab to get help.

You won’t just chat or talk with an agent on the other end. You can even share your screen for guided help. This way, it’s easier to explain whatever bugs or errors you are encountering. The customer service support agent may send a “View screen share request” so he can see what’s going on in your device. Accept the request and start sharing your screen.

SOURCE: Made by Google