Casio intros Communication App for WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch

Casio is one of the most popular class watch brands in the market that have ventured into the digital and mobile world. It has gone digital for years, maybe decades already, but it was only early this year when it finally entered the smartwatch market and it has just introduced a new app that works with the new WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor Watch.

We learned about its entrance into the industry June last year and officially unveiled the product at the CES. Smartwatch was made available for purchase back in March but it’s getting a quick upgrade via a location-based communication app named as the ‘CASIO MOMENT LINK’. This sports app adds to the WSD-F10’s features and functions. It enhances communication especially outdoors, offering efficiency among group members. With the app, you can view and map other people’s locations and see data and related information right on your smartwatch.

The app is more than helpful for groups going on outdoor adventures because they can be connected even without having to use a GPS device or their phones. They only need their Casio smartwatches as the app already supports messaging with voice input, groups, group updates, data sharing, and location sharing among others.

Download Casio Moment Link from the Google Play Store