Chainfire’s DSLR Controller app now out of beta, available for download

So you may know Chainfire from the ubiquitous SuperSU root manager app, but most people don’t know that he has other apps in his arsenal. One of them is DSLR Controller, and it works just like it sounds. For the longest time, the app has been in beta, but now it is available for all of you DSLR camera junkies out there.

Of course, the biggest caveat is that the DSLR Controller app only works with Canon EOS cameras, so if you own a Nikon or a Sony DSLR, your luck is out. And even with Canon EOS devices, there are some that are supported and some that are not, usually depending on the OS within the device itself. You can check this device support page for the app to be clear on supported devices. But what does the app really do? This video below will make it clear.

[embedded content]

The app basically enables you to connect your smartphone to your Canon EOS device via a USB OTG cable. The connection then enables you to control various functions of the camera. And with this new version, the app also connects via NFC if your camera has an NFC tag.

If you have a Canon DSLR, you might want to read up on what the app allows you to do via the official app website. You can download the app via the Play Store link below, and you can also interact with other users via the official XDA discussion thread.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store