Charge 2 devices at once anywhere the sun shines with SunVolt solar charger [DEALS]

Quit being a slave to your power company. Charge your smartphone on your own terms with the SunVolt Water-Resistant Dual-USB Solar Charger. If you look up the word ‘ingenious’ in the dictionary, you might see a picture of the SunVolt. That’s because this portable battery pack makes it possible for you to recharge your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB powered device using nothing but the sun’s rays. It’s the perfect device for those who like to get away from it all, but still want to stay connected.

The SunVolt can be charged either by plugging it into a USB port or by placing it in direct sunlight. It houses a Grade A Lithium Polymer battery which, with its capacity of 5000mAh, is big enough to recharge most smartphones a couple of times, and it features two USB ports so you can charge — you guessed it — as many as two devices at once.

Like the outdoors? Then you are going to love the SunVolt. It’s designed to be water and dust resistant, features an anti-skid, durable design that makes it the perfect companion for all your adventures. It’s lightweight too, so it’s easy to pack in your bag and take it with you virtually anywhere.

The environmentally friendly SunVolt Water-Resistant Dual-USB Solar Charger comes in a variety of colors including black, green, blue, and yellow. Get yours for only $19.99 and with free US shipping this week at Android Community Deals.