Code for Ditto and Transform move arrives within Pokemon GO

If you know your Pokemon, then you will know what a Ditto is. And if you’re one of those who have held on to playing Pokemon Go when others have given up on the game, you will also know what the addition of this freeform Pokemon can mean for the game. People who have nothing to do in their lives but pore through Pokemon GO code have indeed found references to this Pokemon within the game’s code, and so too with its signature move, “Transform”.

Ditto is a Normal-type Pokemon, appearing as a magenta-colored freeform blob with a face, most of the time. We say most of the time because this Pokemon has the move “transform,” which allows it to mimic any physical object – even another type of Pokemon. In that transformed mode, it can adapt the form and abilities of another Pokemon. This should bring a lot of fun to Pokemon GO users.

What's wrong with this Pikachu?

The code for Ditto is already in the game’s GAME_MASTER file, so with the Transform move. But the move and the new Pokemon have not been associated with each other in the code as of yet – meaning that Transform has yet to appear as listed in Ditto’s moveset.

It will be interesting to see how Niantic aims to bring Ditto in to the Pokemon GO world, and how this new Pokemon changes the dynamics of the game. Are you interested in catching a Ditto for your collection?

SOURCE: Silph Road