Crystal Picnic is a modern tribute to classic action RPGs

A sarcastic gardener. A bumbling, wanna-be knight. Crystal-stealing ants. Ants that went crazy after stealing crystals. If you think that real life nowadays is crazy, game developers can still find a way to make virtual games even crazier. Crystal Picnic is a new “lighthearted and colorful” role-playing game that actually pays tribute to the classic action RPGs that you probably enjoyed during its heyday (if you were already alive that time). It is now available for your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

So the game is all about the garden and the knight that are running after the ants that stole magic crystals from the castle. However, the game becomes more complicated because the ants have actually gone mad since they were eating the crystals. So you need to battle with these crazy ants, try to get as many magic crystals as you can (well, those that they haven’t eaten yet), and fight even more enemies that you’ll meet along the way. Don’t worry, you’ll also encounter friends that can help with your quest.


From the “plot” itself, you’ll realize that it is actually a very humorous game filled strange things like chubby birds and ants carrying bazookas. It has a lot of RPG elements and they come in tidy pixel graphics packages, giving it the classic feel it’s going for. You get to engage in real-time battles using platform-style combat.


You can download Crystal Picnic from the Google Play Store for only $1.99, with no more in-app purchases needed. It only has a pretty small download size and is playable in English, French, and German.

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