Daydream VR headset now supports Hulu for Android

If you’re the proud new owner of a Daydream VR headset from Google, then you might wonder what more content you’ll be able to watch on your new toy. Well if you’re a Hulu subscriber, you might want to update your Android app now because it will now be supported by the VR headset. This means you’ll be able to view not just the “normal” content but also the special VR section of the video on demand streaming service.

To be honest, there still aren’t that many video content available out there that are especially and intentionally made for virtual reality. So if you have a headset and you see a service that has a special section for that, then you probably should grab it. And in this case, we mean Hulu of course. Some of the content there are recorded from the point of view of the subject, so you actually feel like you’re the one doing whatever it is they’re doing, like skiing down the slope or surfing on the waves.

You would of course need to download the Hulu app on your Google Pixel device (it’s the only one that supports Daydream for now). Then as the app is running, you need to test out your headset while the app is running. The test video should see you in a high-rise apartment building, but there are also other options available. You’ll also be able to access all other content on Hulu, but the non-VR ones will just be regular videos that you can watch in the privacy of your headset.

The Hulu Android app also supports the Galaxy VR headset and the Oculus Rift and maybe it will also add more support as more VR headsets hit the market. Don’t forget, update your Hulu app in order to properly view the VR videos on your Daydream.

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VIA: SlashGear