Defend your army, kill the undead in ‘Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival’

Gameloft has got a new strategy game that will make you screaming and running for your life. Well, not literally but deep inside as you play ‘Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival’. It’s another zombie-themed game that will have you trying to fight and survive hell on earth. This survival game will have the undead coming after you because really, that’s all they know to do.

This online strategy survival will challenge you to search for the last humans and stand among them. You’re waging war against the end of the world but while you’re still alive, why not explore the city and just make the most of your ummm, life.

It’s one crazy world but there’s nothing you can do now but to protect your camp by building defenses. Zombies will raid your place so while you’re not collecting survivors, defend your camp in the apocalypse and take everything from Tesla towers to Flamethrowers to Watchtowers.

‘Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival’ is an online PvP game that will allow the players from all over the world to play and combat against the zombies. You are free to form your own army so you can fight against other players–strangers–from other parts of the globe. Climb up the leaderboard and try to wipe out all the living dead.

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Download Zombie Anarchy: War & Survival from the Google Play Store