Developer comes up with way to bypass Shazam Lite’s regional limit

The good news is that Shazam came up with a lite version of their music discovery app so that even if you have low data connection, you will still be able to find out the name of the song that’s playing, even if it’s not at that exact moment. The bad news is that it’s only available in selected countries. Of course that won’t stop some people and now an XDA developer has posted that he was able to find a solution to this regional limit in order for anyone to be able to use it, regardless of where you are in the world.

To refresh your memory, Shazam Lite is a version of the app that still lets you use it even when you have no data or internet connection at the moment. It saves the data on the app and then when you finally have stable connection, you’ll see the Shazam-ed song in your history. It is also “lite” because it’s under 1MB so it also will not take up much space in your phone’s internal storage.

What XDA member “blunden” has been able to do now is to bypass the regional limitations of the app by creating an APK of Shazam Lite, and if you install it on your smartphone, even if you’re not in the selected countries where it’s available, then you’ll be able to still have it. From the comments in the thread, looks like it works.

When Shazam Lite was introduced earlier this month, it was only available in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Nigeria in English language, and in Spanish in Venezuela. If you’re not averse to installing through APK, then go ahead and do it and enjoy discovering songs, even when you’re offline or Internet is spotty.

VIA: XDA Developers