dokiWatch is the most advanced smartwatch for kids in the market

If your kid has been begging you for a smartphone but you think they’re still too young to have one, you can still get them the next best thing: a smartwatch made especially for kids. This Kickstarter project, called the dokiWatch, will allow you to communicate with your kid through video and voice calling, enable you to track them in case they go missing, and also acts as an activity tracker, encouraging walking and exercise for kids through a virtual pet and a badge rewards program.

The target age for this smartwatch is 6-12 years old and is considered the first 3G-enabled wearable for kids and is equipped with video calling, voice calling, and even messaging features, which is just like your basic smartphone. You can also exchange voice messages with the child, up to 30 seconds long. It even has a virtual pet called dokiPet which encourages your kids to sty healthy and gives them badges for achievements like taking 10,000 steps, burning calories, etc. Of course kids aren’t as fitness conscious as adults, so this may just be a fun side feature.


The dokiWatch can also provide as a security measure for your child. If in case you don’t know where they are, you can track them through a combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi technology. You can also set Alert Areas, which are like virtual fences around your house, or the kid’s school so that if they leave that area, you’ll receive a notification. You can also manage the smartwatch from the app on your smartphone so that they won’t be distracted during class hours or when they’re sleeping.


The Kickstarter project has already received more than their $20,000 goal (it’s $202,000 as of writing) but you still have 9 days to avail of it while it’s at a discounted pre-ordering rate. You get to pledge $149 to receive one dokiWatch in either Mango Yellow, Dazzle Pink, Sonic Blue, or Shark Grey colors.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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