Don’t Starve is a survival game, now available on Android

Just to be clear, this game called “Don’t Starve” doesn’t make any pretensions of having great graphics or leveraging on your phone’s technology. But we still think Android gamers will still love this. The game is purely about survival, and it’s totally addicting in a way that most of you haven’t seen in other survival games before.


Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition was developed by Klei Entertainment, and now launched on Android a year after it was introduced for iOS devices. You play the role of a German scientist named Wilson who is then transported to a strange and mysterious wilderness world where, of course, you have to survive – as the land features some weird creatures and dangers at every turn.

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The game will give you a full crafting system to help you survive, but you will have to take advantage of what is available in the environment. You also need to leverage what you can get from the inhabitants of the land so you can finally get home.


The game can be downloaded for USD$4.99. Don’t be discouraged by the pricing, it just goes to show you that there is quality in this game, enough that the developers think you should pay for it. Check the download link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store