Ecobee3 Lite is an affordable smart thermostat for your home

Practically everyone who lives in areas where the seasons can be extreme would want to have a thermostat in their homes. With the advent of smart appliances, even these accessories have been able to become smarter and adaptable to our lifestyle. However, they do cost almost half an arm (no legs, thank god) so not everyone can have one. One of the leading brands when it comes to smart thermostats, ecobee, has announced that they will be releasing a lite version of their top-rated thermostat, aptly named ecobee3 Lite.

Of course since it’s a lite version, it is cheaper than the original and also considerably less expensive than other leading brands. But that also means that there are some features from ecobee3 that cannot be included here to bring down production costs. In this case, it’s remote sensors that had to be given up, which for some people may not be a deal-breaker anyway. It still has the same design, “intuitive customer experience”, plus of course the comfort that it can give you whether you’re huddling in for the cold or bristling under the heat.

The ecobee3 Lite has a 3.5-inch touchscreen that easily displays the current indoor temperature and weather and then when you come up to it and it “recognizes” you, it will show the temperature controls and the icons for the settings. You can slide a finger up and down to physically adjust the temperature, or do it through the ecobee app or other devices/programs that can work with smart things, like Amazon Echo Dot or Samsung SmartThings, etc.

This device will be available starting October 31 in North America at least. It costs only $169, which is $80 less than the original ecobee3, as well as other similar products like Nest.


SOURCE: ecobee