EE Robin tablet upgraded, ready for more active children

Had enough of the Robin? No, not the one by Nextbit but the tablet from EE that’s targeted for the young children. The 4G Robin was released almost a year ago and now it’s getting an update. The new Robin tablet now features a new bumper with a kickstand and cary handle. It boasts of gesture controls, allowing the user to make simple actions or gestures to complete a task. With the use of a VGA camera, the tablet can “read” those actions. Motion gaming is also now possible with this new feature.

EE Robin 4G tablet is still powered by Kurio OS which is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. That’s a bit old because we’re now on Android 7.0 but it shouldn’t be a problem with kids’ tablets. Children don’t care about what software version you’re running.

Tablet is offered with different special plans and inclusions like unlimited access for two years or free Hopster trial for three months. Expect the easy parental controls plus time limits, internet filters, app permissions, multiple profile support, and the like.

For $130, the new EE Robin can be another bestseller. We’re loving its protective case because it looks like it can give the tablet more protection from possible bumps and falls because you know–kids.