Emoji Switcher app updated for Android Nougat, root still required

The developer of Emoji Switcher has recently announced that an update is ready for the app. The program now works with Android Nougat and even SELinux. The dev shared over on Reddit that he already tested the app on Android 7.1 preview (NPF10C) and 7.0 (NBD90X). Emoji Switcher should work on those versions without any problem.

This updated version of the app requires root access so make sure you understand the risks and know what to do. Emoji Switcher has received several updates already. The most recent was it getting ready for the Note 5 and Galaxy S7. This support for Nougat should be working for most people but others commented on the thread it’s not working yet.

The Emoji Switcher app is an effective tool that lets the Android mobile user switch out the emoji in the system. Most emoji sets work with it on LG, Samsung, and even iOs. It also works with Emoji One and Twitter but with a minimal charge according to app developer Steven Schoen aka D_Steve595 on Reddit.

The Emoji Switcher was first released February last year, letting mobile users use different emoji versions easily and switch conveniently. When Schoen first released the app, he recommended the user to to a Nandroid backup first before rebooting the device.

Download Emoji Switcher from the Google Play Store

VIA: Reddit