Enter to win your choice of an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR [DEALS]

Discover what all the fuss is about! One lucky reader could score a top of the line virtual reality headset with The Choose Your Own VR Experience Giveaway, proudly offered at Android Community Deals. The future is here. With modern virtual reality systems, users can enter into highly detailed and expansive worlds and then interact with the environment around them. Today’s virtual reality headsets aren’t like the cumbersome, vomit-inducing equipment you may have tried out in the 1990’s. No, these modern headsets provide a comfortable viewing experience that won’t strain your sensibilities.

The winner of this contest will get their choice of either the highly regarded HTC Vive or the coveted Oculus Rift. Both headsets, with a total prize value of nearly $1400, are considered to be tops in the virtual reality marketplace. While there are other VR headsets available for less, they won’t offer the same level of comfort or performance as the models offered in this contest.

Entering is easy. Just go to The Choose Your Own VR Experience Giveaway page at Android Community Deals, register for a free membership, and click ‘Enter’. It’s just as simple as that. Optionally, you can earn a bonus entry and increase your odds of winning by referring a friend to enter as well.

There are tons of video games that have been designed for use with VR equipment and more are on the way. Don’t pay for an expensive VR headset. Win one instead with The Choose Your Own VR Experience Giveaway, open to Android Community readers for just a couple more weeks.