Face Up lets you play selfie charades on your mobile

If you still haven’t accepted that selfies are probably here to stay, then look away. In the tradition of mobile games like Draw Something, 4 Words, and Heads Up, we now have a new charades-like game, only this time, you would have to take a lot of selfies in order to play. From the name itself, Face Up – The Selfie Game is not for those who dislike taking pictures of themselves on their camera phone. But if you’re up for some marathon selfie-ing, then this game is for you.

The mechanics are pretty simple. You get three words or expressions and you have to pick one and then act it out through a selfie. You’re allowed to get as crazy as you want to be when you try to let them guess the emotion or adjective or word that you’re supposed to be portraying. You also have the option of adding stickers to make your selfies even cuter or wackier. Blame Snapchat for this obsession with stickering our photos.


You will be able to play the game against other users who are online, whether they’re your friends or if you’re comfortable sharing your selfies with acquaintances. But you can also play the game against other people in the room with you just by sharing one device. You can also share your selfies online, if you think it was cute or interesting enough to share with the rest of the world.


You can download Face Up – The Selfie Game from the Google Play Store for free. You can also make some in-app purchases for additional expression bundles, in case you’ve played all the possible words in the game.

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