Facebook at Work renamed to Workplace, now available worldwide

If you feel like you’re using Facebook too much to communicate with officemates, rather than the usual email or internal messaging apps, then you should convince your bosses that maybe they should consider using the social networking service “formally”. They actually want to invade your workspace now with the new Workplace by Facebook app, which is actually the renamed Facebook at Work, only now it’s already available worldwide and for any organization that wants to use it.

There are apparently more than 1,000 companies using Workplace already since it went on selected release previously as Facebook at Work. They’re expecting thousands more to join the list of organizations and groups that will be using this app to communicate with teammates, keep track of various projects, share photos, videos, and files needed for work. You will also be able to enjoy some basic things that you find on Facebook, like the News Feed, Groups, Live for viewing company talks, Search, Trending posts, etc.


You will also be able to integrate Workplace with existing IT systems that are already in place at your workplace. You also get a dashboard for your analytics and integrations with single sign-ons, and other tools to help you manage your company’s Workplace. They have also added Multi-Company Groups so you can work with other companies you’re collaborating with that are also using the app. Security-wise, you will not see any ads in this app and the companies are the ones that control their data.


Your log-in for the Workplace is separate from your personal Facebook account. In fact you don’t need to have an FB account in order to use it. You can get a free 3-month trial if you need to see if it is right for your company. Afterwards, you can choose from a monthly plan which will charge per user. It will depend on how many employees will be using the service. You can download Workplace by Facebook from the Google Play Store for free.


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