Facebook for Business makes managing accounts easier

Managing social media accounts for businesses and brands may sound like a dream job, but at times, it is a pain. Responding to inquiries, taking care of orders, addressing complaints, etc, are all part and parcel of your responsibilities, no matter how tedious it is. An update for Facebook for Business wants to help you out in managing these various accounts like your Facebook account/page, Messages, and Instagram, by giving you a unified inbox and a more personalized service.

First off, you now get a single Inbox for all your Facebook-related channels, specifically for your Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. In just one place, you can read comments and messages, and respond to them from there as well. It will help you manage your workflow better and at the same time, give a more efficient face to your brand as you can make sure you don’t miss any messages from any front.


The update will also give you a better way to personalize your service. You will be able to see the profile of the person you’re messaging and see their past interactions with your brand. Just tap on the name of the person you’re communicating with to see their profile and you will then be able to deal with them on a more personal level, so to speak.


The updated Inbox will be rolling out soon to all Page Manager mobile apps over the next few weeks. You can already connect your Instagram account to your Page account if you haven’t yet. If you’re already connected through Instagram adverts, then you’ll already start receiving IG comments and messages in your Inbox.


SOURCE: Facebook