Facebook Messenger receives end-to-end encryption once enabled

Encryption is a must but sadly, not all developers and companies offer such. For Facebook, it may have taken the Messenger team a long time to encrypt the app but at least the company has finished doing it. This end-to-end encryption is now available for the millions of Messenger users all over the world. That’s about 900 million of active FB chat users who can be rest assured that their conversations are safe, private, and secure.

Facebook has rolled out the feature but it’s not set on default. You need to enable the ‘Secret Conversations’ feature for each conversation. That can be a hassle for most people but you gotta do what you need to do. Enable the feature so in the future, you won’t complain and cry when you’ve been hacked and all your secrets are out in the open.

You need to encrypt a conversation first so the Secret Conversations feature will go on full force action. Facebook hasn’t officially made an announcement about this update for both Android and iOS but it should be available now.

You just need to update the Facebook Messenger app. You will soon see a ‘Secret’ option location on the top right of the ‘new message’ window. Feel free to choose an expiration time for your conversations and messages so you can be sure that your words are gone forever. Message encryption is only available to those who will update their Facebook Messenger.

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VIA: Wired