Facebook Messenger Rooms launching in Australia and Canada

If you’re a regular user of Facebook Messenger, you may remember ‘Rooms’ as a special feature that lets people make public rooms for everyone to join in. Different Rooms were launched for people who share the same interests come together in one chat room and discuss anything under the sun. Rooms are communities created so users can connect with one another.

The feature has been released a couple of years ago but not many people have really utilized it. Honestly, we haven’t used Rooms in a while because Messenger is good enough most of the time. The company believes it still has potential to be bigger that is why it’s relaunching as Messenger Rooms.

Messenger Rooms will roll out in Australia and Canada with a public trial launch for Android. We’re curious as to why the two countries first but we’re guessing Facebook wants to run a small test before a wider launch in the United States where the market is so big.

A Room is somewhat similar to Reddit and Google+ Communities where everyone can join together in one place and talk about a subject or topic. It’s public but you can set approval before anyone can join. This way, trolls are prevented and so there won’t be any harassment or at least it’s kept to a minimum.

‘Rooms’ is still part of Messenger for now. Facebook wants to see if it will be a success and perhaps see if it can be launched as a standalone app. Let’s just wait and see.

VIA: SlashGear