Facebook now allows HD video upload for some users on Android

It seems incredible that in an age where most of the videos we take on our mobile devices are HD, Facebook hasn’t allowed users of its Android app to upload it in that quality. But now, a user on Reddit has reported that he has spotted a toggle button on his account, allowing him to upload HD videos. Not everyone is seeing it though, so it may be a server side update that they’re slowly rolling out to selected Android app users.


A few months ago, Facebook introduced HD photo upload for Android users, even as that feature, together with the HD video upload, has been around for some time now for iOS users. If you’re using the beta version though, that option has been available for quite some time as well, but not everyone is a fan of having the beta version of an app. But it’s about time and long overdue for the social network to have this option, especially now that uploading videos is one of the more popular habits that people do on the app.

Reddit user mr3305, whose Facebook for Android app is in version, suggests that if the option is not showing up for you yet in the Facebook settings, you can restart the app and if that feature has been activated for you, you should be able to see the toggle button. But other users have also suggested just uploading the video though Facebook on the browser.

The Facebook official app has long been criticized for not being as great as an app as you would expect from a big company like the social network giant. And of course there’s the memory issue and the battery drainage problem, so not everyone is fond of using it when mobile.


VIA: Reddit