Facebook randomly testing out data saver in Messenger

Numerous studies have already proven that the Facebook app is one of, if not the number one data (and battery) drainer for mobile devices. They’ve tried to sort of remedy this by coming up with a data saver for the main app, and apparently now, they’re testing out something on the Messenger app as well. The now stand-alone messaging app has been one of the most popular ones in this segment, and has probably contributed to draining your data. So it should only be right that we now get an option, especially when you’re already racking up your gigabytes.

You won’t be able to force this feature on your app as it is probably a random testing that Facebook is doing. Basically, you’ll find a data saver in your Messenger app settings. When you’re using your cellular data connection and someone sends you a photo or a video, it will not automatically download. You would have to click on them so they’ll start downloading. If you’re on WiFi, it will still do the regular thing it does, which is to download the image or video as you receive it.

So you can see that it’s working, there is a part in the settings where it will indicate how much bytes you’ve been able to save. If your data cycle on your carrier has already restarted, you can also reset this counter as well. That’s all that this feature can do actually, but if you’re really into saving your data, then this should be a big deal.

There is no news yet as to when the data saver will be available to the public. And since there is no way to force this feature onto your app, you would have to make do with the current app and just wait if and when Facebook rolls this out to Messenger.

VIA: Android Police