Facebook’s Messenger Lite now available in select countries

Several studies have shown that a lot of countries have Facebook’s Messenger app as their top messaging app. However, we’ve also seen several surveys saying that the same app is the top battery and data hog on your mobile device. The social network giant says that they want “to empower people all over the world to stay connected” and one of the ways they’re doing this is to give the world Messenger Lite, a “slimmed down” version of the messaging app so those with slow Internet or with older devices will still be able to connect with the people they need to contact.

Since this is a basic version of the app, it only has the core features of the original Messenger, like sending and receiving text, photos, links, and receiving stickers from those using the full version. It is under 10MB and so even if your basic device has just a small internal storage space, you can still make room for this lite version. It also doesn’t matter if the network you’re connected to is a bit slow. Messenger Lite will still be able to let you contact those that you need to get in touch with.

When it comes to the cosmetic look, there isn’t much difference of course. The logo actually is still the same, but if you look closely at it, the colors are reversed, with the bolt being the blue one and the chat bubble background being white. Other than that, everything looks pretty much the same, except you won’t be able to send and receive some things like videos, GIFs, bots, etc. But hey, you’re connected and that’s what matters right?

Facebook Lite has started becoming available for several countries like Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela. Obviously, they’re targeting countries where Internet connection may not be that fast or reliable. It will expand to other countries over the next few months.

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SOURCE: Facebook