Fallout Shelter gets updated to 1.9 for Thanksgiving

If you don’t know the answer to such essential and basic questions in life like, “Do vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter celebrate the holidays?” then today, your questions are answered. Bethesda just rolled out another update to hit game Fallout Shelter, and this one brings Thanksgiving feels to your Vault and all who live in it. We kid you not.

The update brings Fallout Shelter to version 1.9, and with it comes Thanksgiving holiday cheer, even for those who live in a post-apocalyptic Vault community. The update brings limited time quests that players can take advantage of throughout the month of November. Rooms will also be decked with decorations of a Thanksgiving theme. You will also be able to get Thanksgiving-themed outfits in lunchboxes for the people in your Vault.


The update also brings along new regular and weekly quests for Overseers to complete, on top of the Thanksgiving-themed ones. The update also brings “dark, mysterious caves” as quest locations. This means you have a new horrifying and very dangerous place to send your vault dwellers to explore. Oh well, just another day in that post-apocalyptic world.


This update is available now on Android, visit the download link below if you still don’t have the updated version. If you haven’t tried Fallout Shelter yet, now is a good time as any to try.

VIA: SlashGear
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store