Flappy Golf 2 now available for your Android device

What do you get when you combine Flappy Bird, a bit of Angry Birds, and the most exciting sport known to mankind? And by that, we mean golf! Well , Noodlecake Studios gave you Flappy Golf, and now they have a sequel for you and it’s called, what else, Flappy Golf 2. Not much has changed, mechanics-wise and your objective is to get that ball into the hole with as few flaps as possible. But you also get a few new features, including the courses from another game.

The courses will probably look a bit familiar if you play another Noodlecake game since Flappy Bird 2 now also features the courses from Super Stickman Golf 3. It was actually announced a month ago but has only been now released in the market. The mechanics are still the same, as you can tap to flap left and right and put the ball in the hole with the least flaps possible.


The fewer flaps you get, you get a Gold Star and the more gold stars you get, you’ll be able to unlock Super Star Mode. You also get 29 new courses in this sequel, plus more to come in future updates. You also can play it in Race Mode if you want to compete with your friends or with strangers online, with the online and local multiplayer options.


You can download Flappy Golf 2 from the Google Play Store for free. There are also in-app purchases available. Good luck playing another additive game.

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