Flash is Facebook’s answer to Snapchat for the emerging markets

Mark Zuckerburg wants us to get all Snapchatty with a new and similar app. Instagram Stories is not enough and so it’s making a standalone app that will hopefully beat Snapchat when it comes to fun and silly augmented reality imaging and photography. If you’re an avid fan of Snapchat (aka Snapchat Queen or King), try Flash and see if it’s better.

Well, this isn’t the first time the Facebook group attempted to rival Snapchat. Remember Slingshot and Poke? This is another version but the developers are very hopeful this will be a close competitor as the others have already failed.

What are the chances of this Flash? The app was built especially for the emerging market where WiFi connectivity is slow, weak, or scarce. File size of the app is small at only less than 25MB so it’s not heavy, is easy to download, and quick to load. Its size is actually a third of Snapchat for Android.

Will Facebook finally beat Snapchat? We’re not really sure but those people who want something “lighter” will appreciate the Flash. Admit it, Snapchat easily crashes. The Snapchat addict in your deserves something faster and more responsive so maybe this ‘Flash’ will be your new best friend.

Download Flash from the Google Play Store

VIA: Recode