Fly and blast strange characters in ‘RunGunJumpGun’ arcade game

RunGunJumpGun will have you jumping from your seat as the adventure game is challenging yet exciting. Defy gravity and see the elements beat the odds in this sci-fi challenge that will remind you of those video games in your childhood. Retro-style games are definitely having a comeback and this one by Gambitious Digital Entertainment is one perfect example that will make you relive the past.

Meet the crazy characters in this challenging gameplay that also features stunning retro art style graphics and background music. All you need to do is fly and fly while you blast the enemies and any obstacles that come your way. This arcade game is simple but it will make you addicted if you’re a fan of action platform challenges.

Every second counts in this beautifully crafted game. It seems difficult but the two-button gameplay will make it easy for you to fly and blast at the same time. There are more than 120 levels of mayhem in RunGunJumpGun. Each one has been handcrafted to perfection across three unique worlds.

You can master every level or choose to play in marathon mode. If you’re too competitive, you can play and try to beat the global high score.

Download RunGunJumpGun from the Google Play Store